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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 2, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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city. we begin with developing news in the fight for health care reform. in a show of bipartisan, president obama says that he's open to four new republican proposals. he sent a letter to congressional leaders today asking them to consider the gop ideas in the bill. they include investigateors disguised as patients to uncover medicare fraud and waste. i can panneding medical malpractice, pilot programs. and increasing payments, medicaid providers. and expanding the use of health and savings accounts. the president will speak about the way forward on health care tomorrow. now, to the personal punch and counterpunch today in the united states senate. for the second straight day, make leader harry reid and republican jim bunning of kentucky got into a verbal fistfight over bunning's refusal to allow the funding of highway projects and much more. bunning says the extension should be paid for with stimulus money and mocked reid and the democrats for using the pay as you go method when it comes to deficit spending.
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>> what does pay go mean? it means you pay for the bills as they appear on the floor of the u.s. senate. and then to present a bill that not only -- not only is not paid for but just paid for a little bit. >> if he likes pay go why didn't he vote for it? he vote against it. the senator from kentucky voted against pay go. it has no applicability to jobs in the past because it was paid for. >> joining us live from capitol hill, senator sanders. independent of vermont. senator sanders, thanks for being with us. what's your colleague, senator bunning, up to? >> i don't know what he's up to except that he's continuing to if role of republicans for the last year in record breaking numbers, fill busters, and other obstructionist tactics. the reality is that as a result of what the senator is doing,
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you are looking at hundreds and hundreds of thousands of working people who have lost -- who will not get an extension of their unemployment benefits. that's going to be delayed. people are going to lose their cobra benefits and which means they are going to have to give up on their health insurance. that's a disaster. what really gets me, david, these are the same guys who voted for the war in iraq. they didn't bother to pay for it. tax breaks for billionaires, didn't bother to pay for it. they want to repeal the estate tax which means a trillion dollars to the top 0.3%. they don't want to pay for that. when it comes to working families, oh, my god, we have to pay for it now. >> why not use pay go for this particular issue? >> because there are some things you do with pay go and some things you don't. this is an emergency situation. now, really to his point is we have a $14 trillion national debt. that's a huge issue. we have got to resolve that
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issue. but you don't do it by taking it out on unemployed workers who are frantic in terms of wondering how they are going to get help to feed their families, pay their health care bills, and that's not the way you deal with that issue. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs was asked about this today. said that democrats should not use pay go rules for the same reason you said because it is an emergency. when he was asked about bunning's refusal, gibbs said this. i don't know how you negotiate with the irrational. clearly some fellow republicans have joined the effort to get bunning and knock this off. senator collins, colleague from maine was on the floor trying to do that. what are you picking up from the senate republican colleagues? >> i think there are some republicans who are upset with senator bunning. the truth of the matter is, i hope the american people understand that the what bun sing doing now, this is the kind of stuff that's been going on for the last year -- looking at a record null of filibusters and
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other obstructionist tactics while at the same time the middle class of this country is literally collapsing. every day, more and more people are losing their health insurance. people are paying 30% interest rates on their credit cards. we have to get moving and start resolve these issues rather than having one member of the united states senate put a hold to what the government is doing. >> is there away around, senator bunning, go through regular order, you can invoke cloture. that's the way to defeat what he is doing. >> the truth is as i understand it, the majority leader byrd gave senator bunning an amendment. said look, bring your amendment on the floor. you want to pay for it with the stimulus package, go for it. he said i'm going to lose that. that's one of the absurdities that we see in the senate every day. mark my words. unless i'm mistaken, you are going to see majority of republicans voting when we
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finally do extend these unemployment benefits but not after a lot of people in this country have gone through unnecessary anxiety. that's the absurdity. one guy holding it up. that's why we have to take a hard look at senate rules in general. >> senator sanders, good of you to join us today. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. a california democrat served in almost every level of state government is trying to get one of his old jobs back. attorney general jerry brown now, 71 years old, announced he's running for governor. nearly three decades after he last held the office. he post ad video on his website, took a few shots of governor arnold schwarzenegger, made the case at this stage of his he's only the best interests of the state at heart. the lone star state is holding a major primary today. governor rick perry is facing a challenge from senator kay bailey hutchison. but it is tea party favorite deborah mcdean in the middle who could force it into a runoff.
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governor perry isn't conservative enough for the tea party, then who is. radio talk show host and former agriculture commissioner jim hightower joins us live from austin. first of all, what do you make of this, medina factor and how the race has been shaping up? >> it is very serious. this is -- she's not going to go away. do i not think she's going to come here winning the gop nomination for governor. but she -- certainly could throw it into a runoff. and then i -- i think she's likely to stay in. one, has been bitten by the bug. you know. she's into it now. and, in fact, the other day she announced that in essence that god is on her side. and so, you know, if you have that power behind you, who knows. >> here is a look at deborah medina's television ad. >> the wheels of big government are turning but it is not working for texas. bailouts.
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rick perry and kay bailey hutchison, career politicians determined to sell texas to the highest bidder. fortunately we have a refreshing new choice. pass governor medina will eliminate property taxes, restore sovereignty and secure our borders. >> it is a cute ad. seems like it is effective. is it working? >> well, i think it works on a lot of levels. one, there's much truth to what she saying. people are angry about the bailouts. i certainly am. people are fed up with the -- failure to produce real health care for ordinary people. people fed up here in texas and with that transtexas corridor bit. toll road possibility. perry is known, toll road rick. down here in many counties. and people are angry about not only washington but government and n austin, almost under perry -- an oxymoron. i mean, it isn't a government. it is basically a servient to the corporate interests.
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perry never met a corporation of the -- so ugly it would not snuggle up with it. and he spending a lot of state money on those corporations. so there's a lot of interest in this state for real change. now, i don't particularly think that she represents it but in this primary, she certainly does. and in the fall, i think it is going to be a different situation altogether. >> jim hightower. a pleasure seeing you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. there are new calls today for governor paterson to step down. domestic violence scandal involving one of the governor's top aides. the national organization for women is calling for paterson's resignation. that come as "the new york times" reports that paterson personally directed two state employees to contact a woman that accused his close aide of domestic violence. paterson instructed one of the employees to say the incident was not violent. the woman dropped the case after
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the governor personally contacted her. san diego police are expanding a search for 17-year-old chelsea king. and hundreds of volunteers responded to the calls for help. king vanished last thursday when she web for a jog. today there are new questions about the registered sex offender held in connection with the case. king's heartbroken parents make thing plea. >> just help us get her home. okay. help us get her home. that's all we need. >> nbc's stephanie stanton joins us live from the burbank bureau with the latest. stephanie. >> reporter: yes, david. that registered sex offender, 30-year-old john albert gardner, arrested sunday in connection with this case. he's being held on suspicion of rape and murder charges. police say that they found physical evidence linking him to chelsea. reports say that it was dna evidence found on a piece of her clothing. prosecutors plan to make a decision by tomorrow whether or not they will charge gardner in this case. they can charge him without finding a body if they feel they
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have enough evidence. back in 2000 gardner pleaded guilty to molesting a 13-year-old girl who was his neighbor at that time. prosecutors recommended a six-year sentence and gardner ended up serving five years at the time of sentencing. psychiatrist recommended he get the maximum sentence of at least ten years in prison and saying he would continue to be a danger to underaged girls. also, during the time of that sentencing, he appeared to show no remorse. investigators also looking into the possibility that he could be tied to an attack in that same park where chelsea disappeared back in december. also, possibly to the disappearance of 14-year-old amber. she went missing in february of 2009. david? >> nbc's stephanie stanton reporting from the burbank bureau. thank you. more snow in the southeast. and it is causing travel delays today. this is a look at birmingham, alabama, where the snow has been coming down fairly hard this afternoon. in atlanta, flights are being canceled left and right because of the snow. delta tells nbc news they
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canceled 500 flights in and out of atlanta due to weather. also, the delays caused with the de-icing. about two inches of snow fell this morning. the rain that fell before that turned into ice. up next, our special series, so long capitol hill. today we will be joined by lawmaker that says he's sick of the partisanship in congress. plus tonight, a republican showdown on late night tv. sarah palin on one show and mitt romney on the other. as the popularity war heats up. hey!
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and this time, make it your time.
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♪ >> i will not be a candidate for re-election this november. >> the people's business is not
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getting done. >> i have decided that my senate career will end after this, my fourth term. >> i do not love congress. i will not, therefore, be a candidate for re-election to the united states senate this november. >> welcome back to msnbc news. special series "so long capitol hill." all week we are speaking with members of congress who decided to kiss washington good-bye and not run for re-election in 2010. money spoke with byron dorgan. >> i want to do other things in life. this has been a great privilege. it is time, i think. the rules are very cumbersome and things don't get done quickly. this is not a place where things are done efficiently. it is frustrating for that reason. >> joining us today, democratic congressman dennis moore from kansas. congressman, thanks for being with us. why are you leaving? >> well, i -- i agree with some of the things i just heard. i also told the people back home that this has been the most exciting and frustrating job i
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have ever had in my life all at the same time. it is exciting when you can do something that helps. the bipartisan that has been going on for some time zblou what changed, the bipartisanship, the left of it? >> it has. somewhat worse. i think there are good, decent people on both sides. 58% of the people up here are good people that want to do the right thing. handful of unpleasant people on both sides. we need to resolve the good people that work together and try to get things done on a bipartisan basis. >> what's keeping members from doing that? influence of money? cost of re-elections? can you take that further? >> probably all of the above that you just named. mine, one of the worst parlts of this job that i have told my constituents back home and other people, the fact that i had to spend in the past a lot of time trying to raise $1.5 million every two years most of it goes for television. people who love that system are the television broadcasters the
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and make millions of dollars selling this time. talking about those kind of shows. commercial shows. but we should be up here working for people and our country and put aside -- i understand there's an honest difference between the parties. most of it we should be able to work together on. >> as far as the cost of running for re-election and tv, based on what you said, i'm wondering if you support publicly financed elections? >> i would certainly look at some like that and have those debates, those discussions. i'm not quite there yet. i just think -- other thing we can look at, too, is senators have six years terms and i'm not proposing that or suggesting that for house members. but maybe we should look at something that would be four-year terms elected every two years and overlapping terms. >> i know that you have been active in providing to soldiers to raising the gratuity benefits to families. what's been your biggest accomplishment? >> well, what you just talked about was one of the bills that i wrote that i'm very, very proud of. i'm proud of it for the reason that we owed that to our service
3:18 pm
members. this was to increase the military debt $12,000 to $100,000. $12,000 since vietnam. i worked with senator baucus on this bill. and he is a good friend of mine. we worked on several pieces of legislation together. we have this thing passed. not through the regular channels but we have it brought up and passed by the whole house and it is now law. the other one that i did was -- that's the big one. i'm proud of that one. >> democratic congressman dennis moore from kansas. whatever you do next, good luck. >> thank you so much. good talking to you. join us tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. i will talk to congressman lincoln diaz from florida waiting to hear why this feisty republican is packing it in. tiger woods is getting a show of support from someone that knows about sex scandals all too well. we will tell you who next. plus, msnbc's trish regan is here with us live. she will tell us about greece's
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. amidst reports tiger woods is now out of counselling and back home comes word of a very special call of support for the golfer. according to "golf digest," former president bill clinton called to wish tiger well. scandal erupted over three months ago when woods crashed his suv near his family home. ensuing uproar of women coming forward that they had an affair with him. details of the call have not been revealed. the greek announced new measures to head off a financial crisis that's threatening the entire european union. if the eu is satisfied with the measures and provides help in return it may help end the turmoil and global markets. msnbc's trish regan is here to explain. always a pleasure seeing you. explain the significance of why
3:23 pm
greece's having this impact around the world. >> you know, you can think of it like you got a really big credit card bill. greece has a huge credit card bill right now. and it has been escalating over the last couple of years. they just continued to run up a ton of debt. they are going to pay the debt off at some point. but creditors started to get nervous. i don't know if greece can do that. so it is compounding the situation in part because you have some other countries oar there in europe like ireland, portugal, spain. but have somewhat similar situations to greece. so now the financial markets are growing very, very anxious and they are concerned that it may not just be greece that's having this difficulty. it could be other economies as well. >>. that's threatening the euro. >> greece apparently dashes penally cooked their books. the prime minister was more honest about it. is there a sense the european union will step in and help them and as far as the precedent that it sets for spain and ireland, those countries? >> it is a very good point.
3:24 pm
the expectation at this point is the eu will do something. it is tough, though, because think about it. if you are someone that's living in germany, they are saying why do i have to pay the price for greece's problems? and this is part of the issue that merkel is confronting now. there is an expectation france and germany may come to the rescue because the concern is if they don't, will it be something that can spill over to the rest of the region. >> as far as the impact on the rest of america, they have the same currency. in f the european union doesn't handle it right what's the impact in the united states? >> for one thing, we have seen this already. the dollar rallied and we have seen strength in the dollar as a result of europe's problems. that's not necessarily good because the reality is that we do business with europe and we rely on that economy to keep all of our companies going right here. so if they are having that big of an issue, it really could be
3:25 pm
a word wide problem that comes back to haunt all of us. >> trish regan, great to see you in person. welcome back and thanks for being on the show. seg of state hillary clinton made a stop and earthquake ravaged chile today. secretary clinton delivered satellite phones and promised more aid. clinton says the u.s. is ready to help in any way. chile's president said the magnitude 8.9 quake killed at least 795 people. we are learning the quake was so huge it may have shortened the length of the day. scientists say it had the power of thousands of nuclear bombs being detonated at once. the force was so powerful that it actually shifted the earth's axis by about three inches. nasa scientist space it likely shortened the length of your day by a little more than a milisecond. could cause thousands of americans to lose unemployment
3:26 pm
benefits. awkward late night moments. who do you think had the most bizarre moments? leno or letterman? we are counting down the top three. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america,
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more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens.
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i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc "market wrap." a quick look at the boards. stocks up for the third straight day in a row. markets got a lift. dow down just slightly. markets did get a lift today from positive economic reports. hoping greece will get a bailout from european lenders. toyota says its u.s. sales fell 9% last month after a major safety recall. the company says it will be repairing more than 1.6 million vehicles around the world for oil hoses that could leak. general motors is recalling 1.3 million chevy and pontiac compaq cars to fix power steering motors that can fail. gm says the cars are still safe the drive but may be harder to steer them when traveling under 15 miles per hour. for full details of the recall check out
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that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. david, back over to you. >> thank you very much. it is time now for the fastest three minutes in news. we go down to the wire. at the clock. first stop. smithsonian institute says no way to o.j. part of an agreement between the goldman family. judge approved the donation to the donation of suit and tie simpson wore on the day the jury found him not guilty. the museum said suit is not appropriate for the collection. philadelphia's 74-year-old babysitter saved a child from the clutches of a sexual predator. police say a man broke into the home and began to attack the child in her bed. that's what the elderly sitter ran in and hitting the suspect. the suspect ran away. the usa tea partiers have nothing on the protesters in indonesia. scene of chaos comes out of jakarta where lawmakers.
3:31 pm
thousands turned out to froes. leading out to a riot and clashes with police. now to the uk. lawmakers looking to leash bad pet owners. increase in reports of dog bites. lawmakers are now considering the law that would require every dog owner to take a competency exam to prove that they can handle their pets. newark, new jersey, mayor trying to push for ways to ban billboards like this one. shows a woman taking down a man's designed jeans. company says the akoo jeans ad is aimed to inspire individualism. the mayor calls it inappropriate. long jump record. show in sydney.
3:32 pm
180 feet. breaking the old record by eight feet. interesting factoid. born in 1957. the same year can a knievel set the original record. >> in australia, an odd place for a nap. cameras rolling as rescue crews swept in to save a man that passed out on a cliff. the reports say the man called to the remote spot to watch the sunrise after a night of drinking and fell asleep. the authorities want to charge him for the high altitude rescue operation. more evidence humans can one day live on the moon. radar on the moon. found tonsz of water ice in the moon's north pole. that's what all those red and green circles show. nasa says the ice could be producing oxygen or rocket fuel. last month obama canceled a program to return to the moon. ♪ i have a golden twinkle >> could you have the golden ticket? a cue from charlie and the
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chocolate factory. there's no magical market factory. ten will be invited to three three friends on the trip around the world. that's sweet. especially because i made it. we made it. that brings us down to the wire. it is time for today's schuster showdown. senator jim bunning's refusal to back down when it comes to extending unemployment benefits and funding for federal highway projects. bunning said phones are ringing off the hook with people who support his stand and those that don't. today on the floor of the senate, bunning had to defend his position. this time against some in his own party. >> i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to immediate consideration of the hr 4691. >> long lines of people are out of work is not an emergency. that's what he believes. i believe that they are. i think it is terribly
3:34 pm
inappropriate. this bill fuser being conducted. latest stand, i think it is wrong. as does the american people and as does, i'm sure the people of kentucky. >> bunning wasted no time firing right back at the detractors claiming he's not engaged in a filibuster. >> i have the same right as any other senator on the floor. and it is not a filibuster when you object. that ought to be brought out clearly. >> time for the showdown. liberal blogger and associate editor at the washington examiner. peter, senator bunning said that there are a number of ways that senator reid could move this forward if he wants to. on that particular point, he's right, isn't he? >> well, procedurally he could be right in some sense of the word. but the optics of this and the politics of this is really damning. for the life of me i can't understand why senator bunning and i can't understand why the
3:35 pm
republican is impressing him to end this objection and move forward to help the -- nearly million people who are looking for unemployment benefits and including 14,000 that are in his own home state. it just doesn't make much sense to me? >> j.p., how about it? >> i don't think there is anything wrong with what senator bun sing doing. first of all, he is not filibustering and objecting to unanimous consent agreement and not part of the unanimous group of people that consents. that's his right as a senator. more importantly, time when we are discussing deficits and how government spending is out of control, senator showing common sense and saying isn't there some other way we can pay for all of the benefits. trying to respect a democrat passed rule about being able to pay for things that they ask. >> grape point. problem is senator bunning never seemed to care about deficits before. the issue is -- doesn't mat ier but theish sue a lot of people depending on the unemployment benefits would declare this an emergency. this is what steny hoyer said
3:36 pm
about what senator bun sing doing. 100,000 workers lost employment benefits immediately. 400,000 will lose benefits within one to two weeks. and increases to 1.5 million in the month of march. if we can't get this done in and 3 million after that. one senator's impacting lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions. >> there's actually a way they can solve this problem without adding to the deficit. which is using a of the unused stimulus pounds. $787 billion and putting it towards this. that's all they have to do. they don't want to do that because they much rather continue spending and pulling more taxpayer money in. it is not necessary. >> peter? >> with all due respect, the -- hypocrisy here is stunning. senator bunning for years and years justent and spent and spent and passed tax cuts for the rich and so forth. >> your solution is to spend more? >> there comes a moment where we
3:37 pm
need the money to help unemployed people, help doctors get reimbursed and help with road programs and infrastructure. he is voting against it. you know, i think it is just pure hypocrisy. >> as far as politics, given a number of republicans asked senator cole toyns make the statement on their behalf today, there -- lot of republicans acknowledge this as not good polite in terms of the optics. >> well, i would say when you have the tea party movement looking like a viable movement that can affect votes, their primary concern is government spending, it might not be a bad idea for the senator from kentucky to ensure that the senator maintains some semblance of fiscal propriety. >> republican primary. the other thing is, look, senator bun sing not running for re-election. he can do whatever he wants and not pay a political price. great conversation today. thanks for being part of the schuster showdown. appreciate it. >> thank you. we will be talking about jay leno's big guest tonight, sarah
3:38 pm
palin. a woman he made a lot of jokes about. got us thinking about the top three awkward late-night moments. our number three top three late night moments, joaquin phoenix knicks a bizarre appearance with david letterman. >> i don't know what the clip is. >> you don't know what the clip is? you in a scene with gwyneth paltrow. i'm fine. i will come to your house and chew gum. >> god. i don't have to do this. >> just relax. >> that was awkward. good one. number two most awkward moment, late night television, shocking moment on "saturday night live." sinead o'connor at the hype of her popularity, holding up a picture of the pope and saying fight the real evil.
3:39 pm
number one most awkward moment in late night television, a moment that should have been even more awkward. hugh grant with when jay leno after he was caught with a prostitut prostitute. >> what the hell were you thinking? >> i think you know in life pretty much what's a good thing to do and what's a bad thing. >> hugh grant's career did recover. top three awkward moments in late night television. one state's attempt to save money has prosecutors furious. they say the safety of citizens is being put in jeopardy by a plan to release hundreds of killers and rapists early. i will talk to the lawyer that's leading the fight against the state. they're the future of america, so let's bring them up right and give them our cheese. american cheese. kraft singles. put it in their lunch boxes. heck, put it right in their mouths.
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or stroke and even death, by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, protection that helps save lives. [ female announcer ] people with stomach ulcers or other conditions that cause bleeding should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines, including aspirin, may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. certain genetic factors and some medicines, such as prilosec, may affect how plavix works. tell your doctor all the medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. in this rough economy many states are struggling to find ways to say save cash. in michigan they are doing it by
3:43 pm
paroling violent criminals. the state is compiling a list that includes convicted killers, sex offenders, and drug dealers and bank robbers. the reported plan is to parole them early so the state can trim its corrections budget by 6% in 2010. jessica cooper is the oakland county, michigan prosecutor. you can sympathize with the state trying to cut costs wherever they can. right? >> absolutely. i understand that. and perhaps we might be able to cut the costs per prisoner as opposed to releasing people en masse. essentially that's what we are doing here. >> explain why they are not, for example, just releasing the nonviolent criminals or are they already doing that? tell me about the particular case that you are fighting to try to keep this guy behind bars. >> well, they are already releasing people and already released -- already been an accelerated release. and you have to back up and
3:44 pm
understand that the people who go to the prison system, at least in michigan, are people who are repeat offenders and violent fem onlons. we see a release of 65% of the people who are scheduled to be released. statewide. people that we could classify as violent. and about 28% of those involved sex crimes and 28% of that involves children under the age of 13. woe we are very concerned in terms of doing that en masse. obviously, people who have served their time and deserved to have a chance in society, we have -- understand that. we are talking about a massive release and that massive release sometimes gets very, very sloppy. and -- what we are looking at cash. >> tell me about the case of charles -- gagged, tied up and raped his wife and sentenced to 15 to 30 years and ordered
3:45 pm
released after 12 years and nine months. >> well, he was ordered released. then we went in to court on an appeal. the day before the hearing, the michigan department of corrections pulled back his parole. we thought that oh, fine. and then three months later, again, he was up for parole. and so what we are dealing with in michigan is massive numbers. and when you deal with those accelerated numbers, you are really not being able to take a good look at the people that you are releasing. obviously, the list has to be called and because it is such a mass list, we can only deal with the worst of the worst. we now have five appeals pending, some of the -- worst sexual crimes that we have seen. our appeal is to the circuit court. >> here's the state corrections department spokesman said this. sure we have accelerated paroles but that's because we were keeping people in prison too
3:46 pm
long. your reaction to that? >> my reaction is the state of michigan has what -- what we call a sentence which has a minimum and maximum. and the reason for that is that some people can be released after the minimum sentence and other people, defending the type of crime, defending on the type of work that they do within the prison system, whether or not they continue to get misconduct, whether or not they continue to take treatment, will depend on whether they will be released early or released late. when you are dealing with violent criminals or dealing with pedophiles, obviously, you can't take this lightly. >> oakland county michigan prosecutor jessica cooper. thanks for being with us today. good luck. >> thank you. few ad campaigns captured the imagination of americans more than the caveman from a
3:47 pm
certain car insurance company. today they were shooting a new commercial in front of the white house when politico caught up one of the cavemen. watch. >> do you have any words for president obama as unstand outside his residence today? >> tell him that i think he has done a pretty good job with the place. and, you know, maybe a little bit of landscaping issues. but i'm not complaining. other than that, i think i -- i think he is doing all right. >> thumbs up from the hairy caveman. no response yet from president obama. up next, dueling republicans on dueling talk shows. tonight's late night ratings hinge on two gop stars. who will get the viewers, palin or romney? predictions next.
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there's no place like home. there's no place like home.
3:51 pm
there's no place like home. >> jay, jay, it's me, kevin. >> kevin? >> you remember me, don't you, jay? your old pal ross. >> ross, of course. >> we thought you were leaving us. >> but you i did leave. it was wonderful, but some of it wasn't so nice. >> there, there, jay, you just had a bad dream. >> but it all felt so real. you were there, and you were there. >> jay leno kicked off his return to the "tonight show" last night. tonight jay has sarah palin on the show. and opposite rival david letterman who welcomes fellow republican and likely 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney. who's likely to draw more viewers? is it a smart politicians to appear with late-night hosts who routinely use them as punch lines? sarah haines is for the "today" show. first question, why do these politicians do it? >> if they don't do it, they're going to get criticized for not
3:52 pm
going on the show, first of all. second of all, it's good publicity for them. would we have known mitt romney had a book coming out? it definitely works well in their favor. it's risky. this is not the safe place. this isn't where you can go and show up and say whatever and not be made fun of the next day once you're not there. >> sarah, who is generally considered an easy interview, jay or dave? >> i would say jay. i would say definitely jay. but i also think sarah is the better interview. people tune in to watch what she has to say, because she has a track record of saying things now and then of -- >> i think what you have here tonight, is a politician/reality personality on one show, and that's the jay leno show. and you have a politician who is a rival to sarah palin on david letterman. they're definitely two different entities. >> sarah palin and david
3:53 pm
letterman have never really gotten along. he made that joke about her daughter last year. he had to deal with all of that. maybe a little brinkmanship in terms of sarah palin goes on jay leno and david letterman are like, yeah, i'll take a smart guy. i'm not saying that, i'm subjecting he might have said that. >> no, i mean, clearly, you know, sarah palin, you can't really compete with that. but it could serve mitt romney well. i think when politicians do go on, there's a chance to show a human side. i'm sorry, who knows about -- sorry. >> the late-night audience responding well to the politicians appearing on the show? >> you're reaching a big, big audience. last night i believe david letterman had just shy of 4 million viewers up against jay leno's 6 million. that's 4 million people watching. so you're hitting a lot of folks who might not be, you know, tuning into the place for politics during the day.
3:54 pm
it's definitely a different audience. >> sarah palin is a curiosity factor. because people aren't entirely sure what they're going to get. >> we could name every kit, mitt romney, name me his five sons. go, go. >> we're out of time. >> exactly. >> with are out of time. >> they're all on facebook. >> thank you both. appreciate it. thank you very much. by the way, there is no notebook today simply because i ran out of time. why? i spent part of the afternoon shooting a story about a remarkable division one college basketball player. he was one of the most inspiring interviews and experiences i've had in a long time. i wore sneakers and played one-on-one. his life will inspire you. we promise to bring you this story in the days ahead. that's our show for this tuesday. up next, on "the dylan ratigan show," a new report is out showing a dramatic rise in anti-immigrant, anti-government
3:55 pm
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good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. and today, the dark side of anger in america. how a broken government and crippled economy is fueling rage, hatred and yes, even violence. also, pay day predators. an exclusive investigation from the huffington post investigative fund revealing the massive lobbying efforts to stop lawmakers from cracking down on legalized loan sharks for the most needy in our country. forget the tea party. today we have an exclusive interview with the founder of the coffee party. the show starts right now. in america today, we know people are angry, but a new study is showing how extreme that anger really is.
3:59 pm
people angry because there's out of work, because the banks continue to gamble wildly with our money, politicians refuse to pass health or financial reform that includes any actual reform in the face of overwhelming evidence to the game rigging that is going on at our expense. all the bills clearly bought and paid for to serve the interests of corporations, who would seek to do damage to the disengaged citizenry of this country. anger at its best motivates people to effect change by getting them involved. by encouraging them to become educated, to support new laws. to fix it. in the process, voting out the bought politicians who work as predators on the citizenship on behalf of corporations, and speaking out loud and clear about the need to fix the broken systems that are special interests and our government. we've seen it with the bank protests, the anger, that is, in chicago. thousands of folks took to the streets there.


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